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The King Of College And NBA Basketball Handicapping Is Set To Make You All The Money You Want.



The King Of College And NBA Basketball Handicapping Is Set To Make You All The Money You Want

While Most Basketball Bettors Are Dizzy And Confused About All The Stunning Upsets This SeasonKelso Sturgeon Just Keeps Winning

The Only Thing That Means Anything Is Winning…
And You Can Do Just That With Kelso’s Daily Best Bets
As He Proves Again One Does Not Have To Pay A Fortune To win One


The college basketball season has been more more than a bit chaotic and unpredictable for bettors this season (the NBA always is) but, as usual, I am winning amid all the confusion and upsets. Think about what has happened thus far in 2019-20. In the first eight weeks of the season, five different teams have been ranked number one and all lost while holding that spot. Traditional national power North Carolina, winner of six NCAA championships (the last one in 2017), is in last place in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

And I Keep Winning!

And that’s just the beginning, with the best half of the season to go, and I intend to keep right on winning as the numbers tighten for conference time.
Chaos and Upsets? In other shockers this season..

  • The Duke Blue Devils were 150-0 against non-conference opponents since the year 2000 but saw that streak come crashing down when outlier Stephen F. Austin rolled into Cameron Indoor Stadium and upset the Devils, 85-83.
  • The Kentucky Wildcats were ranked #1 and were 39-0 against their last 39 unranked opponents at Rupp Arena, but, as a 28.5-point favorite there over Evansville lost, 67-64.
  • Defending national champion Virginia began the season ranked 9th in the polls and has been slapped around like a rag doll this season.

This list could go on and on, but you get the message. And I Keep Winning!

Where The Winning Began

  1. I have had a life-long love affair with basketball, and long before I exited my teenage years was winning big in college basketball.
  2. I was so good at it, after moving to New York, I was approached and asked if I would like a job making college betting lines for bookmakers from Providence to Newport Virginia, and all points in between – something I did with great success for a few years.
  3. Eventually, I asked out of this roll and went back to betting

And Why It Continues To This Day

The knowledge I gained as a linemaker for those who considered inaccuracies or mistakes the cardinal sins was priceless and left me with one of the few PhD’s in handicapping the sport. I learned the “why” of betting lines and how they are married to the actual games. I know the home court is the most important element of handicapping, followed by the talent a team has and last but not least, the coach.
I also can tell when bookmakers are far afield in their evaluations and this, as much as anything, opens the door to winning. My numbers are always current and up to date, while bookmakers actually live about a week behind what is happening. Of course, this is an is an over-simplification of the process but that is where it all begins

An Invitation To Join My Best Bets Basketball Club And Start Winning Today

Please consider this an invitation to take advantage of the success of my popular Best Bets Basketball Club. It has won all season and is the proof one does not have to pay a fortune to win one. You can play for $10 per day, $40 per week, $60 for two weeks or $175 for the rest of the season – and that includes both college and NBA Games, andMarch Madness as a FREE bonus. Here is a list of the types of games you receive as a Best Bet client.

7-1 Last Three Days

2/4…15 Units…Penn State (+8.5) 75, Michigan State 70 (Won)
2/4…15 Units…Rutgers (+8.5) 51, Maryland 56 (Won)
2/4…15 Units…Oklahoma (+9) 61, Texas Tech 69 (Won)
2/3…15 Units…North Carolina (+8) 59, Florida State 65 (Won)
2/3…15 Units…Texas (+14.5) 58, Kansas 69 (Won)
2/3……15 Units…Baylor (-7) 73, Kansas State 67 (Lost)
2/2…15 Units…Georgetown (+1.5) 73, St. John’s 72 (Won)
2/2…15 Units…Miami (+7.5) 57, Pittsburgh 62 (Won)

The results speak for themselves and are a true indication of the types of games you will receive.

As A Best Bets Basketball Club Player You Will Receive

  1. An average of 2-3 games each day, seven days a week.
  2. All games are rated from 10-15 units, most of them at the latter number.
  3. Every game released must have at least a 65% chance to win and a 75% chance to cover.
  4. There is an abundance of TV games so you can watch your money win.
  5. There will from time to time be special free bonus 50-unit highroller bets.

Sign up for my Best Bets Basketball Club Package $175 for the entire college and NBA seasons. As noted earlier, you can play by the day for $10.

If you are a little more ambitions, you should consider membership in my more aggressive Chairman’s Basketball Club. It offers one 25-unit college or NBA play each day and you can purchase one week of service for $65 or two weeks for $100. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Anyone signing up for any Chairman’s Basketball Club package also receive as FREE BONUS all my Best Bets Basketball Club plays. And I will keep right on winning.

REMEMBER – When Kelso Says He Is Going To Win You Can Bet On It!

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